Small tips how to place your embroidery in the interior

Small tips how to place your embroidery in the interior

The placement of embroidery in the interior is one of the important stages of creating an embroidery picture, which the needlewoman faces at the very end of the process. The work can be placed in your apartment in any place that you wish, but there are some recommendations that will help you present your creation in the best light.

If the interior allows, then place your work under a lamp – its light will emphasize all the colors of your painting like a museum exhibit. Select the plot for the room in which it will be placed, everything should be appropriate.

For example, for cuisine, pictures with culinary themes are more suitable.

It is desirable that the wallpaper on the wall where your picture will be hung does not have catchy and large prints. Otherwise, they will draw all the attention to themselves, and your work will go unnoticed. If you have completed a large and serious work, then make it the only one on the wall, placing the canvas at eye level in the center.

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But small pictures can be placed several at once. Try to control the number of pictures on one wall. If you have been embroidering for a long time, then you probably have already accumulated a lot of beautiful and favorite works. However, you will not be able to hang them all, especially in a small apartment, otherwise you will turn your house into an art gallery. To change the plot by season is a great option for a change of scenery.

Do you have your own tips for placing embroidery in the interior? Share them in the comments.

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