12 useful cross stitch tips for beginners

12 great tips for beginners. How to cross stitch.

Do you know how you can determine the canvas count quickly? Or how should you care of your embroidery? And how can vinegar help you? If not, read this issue to know.

How to determine the canvas count

To determine the canvas count, just count the number of cells per 1 inch (2.5 cm). The resulting number will be the count. E.x, for Aida 14 you will get 14 cells per 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Needle size

The embroidery needle must match the size of the canvas. You can orient like this – last digit of the needle number = last digit of the canvas number.

For example, 14 canvas count – needle №24, 16 – №26, 18 – №28 (№26 also good). Needles No. 20 and No. 22 are suitable for a large count (8 or 11).

Canvas SizeNeedle Size
Aida 1122-24
Aida 1422-26
Aida 1824-26
Aida 2026-28

Canvas marking

Never make a marking with a pencil, it may not be washed off. It’s better to use a special washable marker or chalk.

How to stitch? What is canvas marking? Short embroidery tips for beginners.

Floss storage and usage

  • Floss keeps a good appearance longer if you store it on bobbins.
  • If you want the threads not to get fluffed during embroidery, treat them with wax. Or use a laundry conditioner. Dilute it with water and use a sponge to wet each thread before you embroider.
12 useful cross stitch tips for beginners
  • Backstitch turns out to be neater if you embroider it with a beaded needle.
  • Cut metallized thread for embroidery shorter than the usual floss. 30 cm (11,8 in) will be the best.

The care of embroidery

  • Do not wash embroidery in hot water. The optimal temperature for most types of floss is 40 C (104 F).
  • For washing, it is better to use a liquid detergent without bleach. The powder is clogged into the threads and canvas and can leave streaks.
  • Metallic and beads are not erased. But if you really want to, you can do this in cool water without squeezing or twisting.
12 useful cross stitch tips for beginners
  • Chlorine bleach will remove most stains of almost any origin. But it is dangerous for colored canvas and floss.
  • If you add vinegar to the water for rinsing, your embroidery will become brighter and will not fade for a long time.

I hope this tips will help you to keep your embroidery in good condition and have the best stitching results.

Which advice you like most of all? Share in the comments.

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