5 popular misconceptions about cross stitch

5 popular misconceptions about cross stitch

Misconceptions about embroidery – well-known untruthful opinions about embroidery. Lots of our friends and relatives have formed a quite wrong opinion about this type of needlework. Because of this embroiderers often face a lack of understanding of their hobbies.

There are a few basic misconceptions and selected weighty arguments. So that you always know what to say to doubters.

Embroidery is very simple.

That’s what many people think. Stitch, second, and here’s the cross. However, the work is full of many additional nuances, which you have to keep track of. And what about big pictures!

Subjects for embroidery are childish and primitive.

It is said by those who have encountered cross-stitch, for example, at school and embroidered small bouquets and houses. But we all know what large-scale paintings can be created with the help of floss threads.

Embroidery is only for women.

Also an erroneous opinion. Lots of men are happy to embroider in their free time, and even better than women.

Embroidery is a useless activity.

On the contrary, doing needlework helps to calm the nerves, but making adjustments to ready kit allows you to develop your imagination.

You can embroider any picture.

Many people believe that using kits is a waste of money. You can simply upload a photo to a special program and get a ready-made chart. However, it’s not that simple. Not every one of them will turn out really beautiful and correct result.

What do you think? What misconceptions have you encountered?

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