3 great types of embroidery loupes for you

3 great types of embroidery loupes for you

A loupe is a needlewoman’s accessory that helps to enlarge the image on the chart. The loupe allows you to see the smallest details helping your eyes.
There are several varieties of this useful device, and needlewoman can choose a suitable option among them.

With a head mount

It is placed on a special rim that you can adjust to the size of the head. The magnification power is also configurable. The advantages of this type of magnifier is that you do not need to move it changing working place, because it is always with you. Some models look like glasses and have lighting.

On a pin

Usually has a small size and can be attached to any convenient place for you, for example, the surface of a table or a working hoop. You can adjust the tilt angle as you like.


The above models also have built-in lighting, but in this version it is much stronger.

As you can see, it is possible to choose the loupe that is convenient for you among the wide variety.

Important! When using the loupe for embroidery, do not forget to remove it from direct sunlight, otherwise it can lead to a fire!

Do you use a loupe while working? Which of the available options did you choose for yourself? Share it with us in the comments

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