“My name is Julia. I have been interested in cross-stitch and crochet for 15 years. This kind of needlework has fascinated me so much that now I create my own x-stitch patterns and share my experience with those who are just starting their way in embroidery. I’ve always wanted to create my own project for beginners, a place where anyone could find all the necessary information about cross stitch and crochet.

I hope that this site will become such place!”

This project is for those who…

… wants to learn how to stitch!

I will share with you tutorials and tips on how to cross-stitch and crochet.

… wants to be in theme!

I will also share with you craft product reviews, or new items, or just interesting products.

… looking for unusual patterns!

Here you can find free cross stitch and crochet patterns which I find for you.

… looking for like-minded people!

And, of course, I am always open to communication with you. Let’s communicate and discuss exciting questions about embroidery.