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How to stitch. What is a floss organizer? Stitching tips.

Do you know what a floss organizer is? If not I’ll tell you about it and show how it looks like and when it is usually used.

The floss organizer is a special device that helps you to keep the threads used in the process in right order preventing them from mixing. The floss organizer helps you not to get confused in the thread numbers, thus.

How to stitch. What is floss organizer? Stitching tips.

Most often, the organizer is already embedded in the embroidery kit — the threads are located on it. Each color has its own number and symbol, and you always know which thread should you get for the following stitches.

But, this is especially actual for large projects, the organizers in the kits are made of paper and may not be preserved in the proper form until the end of the work. Therefore, you can purchase an additional wooden organizer. It is stronger and more durable.

As for me, I usually use such wooden one for my own projects.

How to stitch. What is floss organizer? Stitching tips.
My wooden organizer

Or you can use paper bobbins also. But this ones are more suitable for floss storage.

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My paper bobins

Do you use floss organizer? What type do you use? Share with me in the comments.

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