Small tips how to work with a dark canvas

Small tips how to work with a dark canvas

In the modern embroidery world, canvas can have absolutely any color due to the variety of ways to color the fabric. Each type requires its own approach. So it will be more convenient to work with the canvas.

All colors can be divided into three large groups:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Bright

Today we’ll speak about dark one. This second group is more difficult, since the needle holes are less noticeable than on light material, so they require a special level of skill.

There are many ways to make it easier to stitch on dark canvas, and here are some of them.

Light sources

Ideally, there should be several of them. You need an upper light for all the work, and it is also very useful to highlight the canvas from below, so that the holes are better visible.

Light background

If you put a light fabric or a piece of paper under the embroidery, you will get an effect similar to the lower lighting.

White marking

Use either white markers or white or colored threads to work with black canvas.

More addition of threads

Use increased thickness of threads than for light canvas. So the image will be more voluminous and noticeable on a dark canvas.

Do you embroider on dark canvas? Do you have any tips for working with this material? Share it with us in the comments.

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