Main secret how to avoid knots in your work

Main secret how to avoid knots in your work

Small tips about unwanted knots in your work. How to fix and avoid them.

Knots are one of the main stitchers problems. This is a tangled thread, and the knot can be either small or large.

This problem most often occurs when:

  • The working thread is too long.
  • If there are long tips of other threads on the wrong side.
  • When threads exfoliate.

So if you want to avoid ones don’t do this 3 points above.

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Did you do everything correctly but the knot still turned out? Don’t worry! Most often, the knot is fixed quite simply – you only need to hook the loop of the knot and pull it.

If the situation is not corrected in this way, it is better to cut the thread, fix the remainder and take a new one to work.

Do you often have knots in your work? Do you have your own ways of dealing with this problem? Share it with us in the comments.

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