Dimensions "Rocky Point" Cross Stitch Kit Review Landscape

Dimensions “Rocky Point” Cross Stitch Kit Review

Today you will find another review of the Dimensions cross-stitch kit “Rocky Point”. This plot is an image of a lighthouse, which is located on a rocky point, on which the sea waves break. A wonderful plot with realistic colors.

Cross stitch kit “Rocky Point” Dimensions contest

Now let’s see what is included in this kit.

cross stitch pattern,

2 needles,

canvas Aida 18,

organized cotton threads (46 colors),

stitching guide.

The size of the finished work is 28×43 cm (11,02×16,93 in).

The cross stitch chart is three color, as in other Dimensions kits.

So, as we can see, the kit is very beautiful, even the color of the waves is realistic. But at the same time, the kit is quite difficult and large, so it is definitely not suitable for beginners. Only for advanced stitchers. For what it’s worth, lots of back stitches only!

Well, now let’s see how the finished objects look like. The results of hard work.

And what do you think about this kit? Would you like to stitch it?

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