"Lake Moraine" by Oven Cross Stitch Starter Kit Review

“Lake Moraine” cross stitch kit review

Today I have prepared for you a review of the “Lake Moraine” cross stitch kit produced by Russian company Oven. I often see this stitched plot in my socials. What indicates its high popularity and it is the reason for the review. And, of course, because of its beauty.

Let’s start with the kit itself and its content. This is how the packaging looks like.

The cross stitch kit consists of:

  • color pattern,
  • canvas 16 count,
  • organized cotton threads (26 colors),
  • needle,
  • cross stitch guide.

In general, the standard content. But no, the needle presence is very rare, so many thanks to the manufacturer for it.

It seems to be a trifle, but sometimes it is really necessary. Not everyone stitch often, so you don’t always have a suitable needle in stock, or old needles are lost or become unusable.

The finished image size is 7,87 x 7,87in (20x20cm). For me, this is the optimal size, not too large, and not too small.

Cross stitch pattern “Lake Moraine” Oven

And this is how the scheme looks like.

The cross stitch chart is really colored, the symbols are easy to read, in general, not a mess of icons. It is convenient to stitch.

And now my favorite part of the reviews – the stitching processes and, of course, the finished works. For inspiration, I want to watch it endlessly.

That’s such a beauty! You can decor your home with it or stitch as a gift.

You can buy this kit right now! Just place your order and we will send you this beauty directly from Russia!

Shipping from: Russia
Shipping to: USA, Canada, Europe
Average delivery time: 3-4 weeks


What do you think about this kit? Like it? Would like to stitch it?

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