Lola Crow Cross Stitch. Etsy shops with faces.

Lola Crow Cross Stitch. Etsy shops with faces.

We’ll continue to introduce you Etsy cross stitch treasury and would like to show not only best cross stitch patterns, but Etsy faces, too. And tell about cross stitch sellers.

Today we chose LolaCrowCrossStitch shop. It’s owner is nice Amie from Origon, United States. She is a cross stitcher, designer and cat lover.

And there is her shop description below.

I began Lola Crow in 2020, partly as a tribute to my sweet cat of 18 years, Lolita, and partly as a way to focus my energy during the pandemic. I’ve been cross stitching since I could pick up a needle and have always found it to be one of the most relaxing creative outlets, fun and a great stress-buster. I love to tell slightly quirky stories with my designs and I hope you enjoy bringing them to life as much as I enjoy creating them!

Amie’s shop has almost three thousand sales and five hundred best reviews. Gorgeous result! But it is understandable. Amie create very nice, cute and easy designs. So they are suitable for beginners or just to stitch for pleasure. Almost all of them with cats, of course.))

There are some patterns below.

These cross stitch patterns are PDF printable and easy to follow.

The result is excellent, too.

And what do you think about Amie’s patterns? Want to stitch them?

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One thought on “Lola Crow Cross Stitch. Etsy shops with faces.

  1. The patterns are amazing!!!! I ‘m looking for any SAL/ stitch a longs to join.. love what I see so far!! Watched Fox and Rabbit ( vlog) and Karen is really enjoying your patterns!

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