5 convenient tips how to choose floss colors

5 convenient tips how to choose floss colors

Floss selection – the process of self-selection of floss for work. At the same time, it is important to take into account not only the number of threads and skeins that you need to purchase, but also the harmonious combination of the colors you choose.

There are several options that you can focus on when drawing up your color map:

Color palettes

Color palettes – they are easy to find on the Internet. They look like a collage consisting of floss picture and several matching basic colors. You can either use ready versions of such palettes, or determine the main colors of the plot you like with the help of a special service.

Color theory

Color theory is the main source of inspiration for creating good combinations. It is based on the color wheel and some basic rules. With
it, you will accurately select the colors that match each other.

5 convenient tips how to choose floss colors

Finished products

Finished products – designers pay very much attention to the color combinations on their products, so you can safely focus on their taste and choose similar colors.

Pantone Color Institute Palettes

Pantone Color Institute Palettes is the main agency that predicts fashionable colors for the next season. All the shades that they call trending in a certain period are combined with each other, which can also serve as inspiration and a small cheat sheet for you.

In addition, buying threads you should pay attention to the quality characteristics of the material in order to get the perfect result.

They include:

  • Manufacturer – domestic or foreign, whether a particular company is important.
  • Variety – cotton, wool, metal or other.
  • The cost of threads per skein.
  • The purpose of usage – cross-stitch, smooth stitch, or something else.
  • Thread quality.
  • Resistance of the pigment – so that the threads do not shed when washing.

Have you ever had to pick up threads for your own work? What parameters did you pay attention to? Share it with us in the comments.

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