Everything you need to know about plastic canvas

Today I want to tell you about the plastic canvas. What is it? How does it look like and what are its advantages over the usual canvas?

What is plastic canvas?

Plastic canvas is one of the basic cross stitch materials. This canvas is similar in appearance to a regular fabric and has squares for inserting a needle, but it is made of flexible plastic. It can be sold both in already cut pieces, and according to your request.
Just like the usual canvas, the plastic one has different count sizes – they range from 5 to 14.

A big plus of the plastic canvas is the variety of colors in which it is presented, which makes it easy to choose it for the intended work. Plastic canvas is used to create a variety of objects:

  • Magnets;
  • Christmas toys;
  • Coasters for hot food;
  • Baskets;
  • Bags;
  • Various decor and much more.

This material has many advantages:

  • You can independently choose the shape of the future product and model 3D objects.
  • You do not need to worry about processing the edges, as the plastic does not crumble.
  • Such a material is not subject to deformation and stably retains its shape.
  • The plastic canvas is very easy to use and is suitable for artisans of any level.

There are some examples below how such finished objects looks like.

Where to buy plastic canvas

You can buy this material in special cross stitch shops or order it, for example, on Etsy. This is some examples of such listings.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the plastic canvas. This is the same canvas, but with a number of advantages. Use it for your creativity.

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