“Provence” Oven Cross Stitch Starter Kit Review

“Provence” cross stitch kit review

Today I want to share with you a small review of the incomparable cross stitch kit – “Provence” by Oven company. According to the name, it is not difficult to guess the plot of this picture. As for me, I associate Provence primarily with lavender and lavender fields.

What about you? Tell us in the comments.

This kit really contains a lavender plot. Lavender field in sunny Provence. If you, like me, adore France and lavender, then you should definitely pay attention to it.

The cross stitch kit “Provence” content

What’s in the set? As usually, it consists of:

  • color chart,
  • canvas 16 count,
  • organized cotton threads (24 colors),
  • needle,
  • cross stitch guide (both in English and Russian).

In each of my reviews, I don’t get tired of thanking the manufacturer for the needle. For me, this is just very important.

The size of the future image is 7,87×7,87 in (20×20 cm). Very comfortable size, not too big, not too small. There is also a color chart in the set, which makes the work easier and more convenient. The threads are already laid out on the organizer.

And this is how the stitching processes look like.

Finished cross stitch kit “Provence” Oven

And now the most interesting thing. This is my favorite part of the reviews, since you can look at the most beautiful finished objects endlessly!

Here is such a wonderful and beautiful cross stitch kit. Such finished work will certainly decorate the room or become a good gift.

You can buy this kit right now! Just place your order and we will send you this beauty directly from Russia!

Shipping from: Russia
Shipping to: USA, Canada, Europe
Average delivery time: 3-4 weeks


Which finished work decoration do you like most of all?

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