My new small cross stitch review. Unpacking and review.

My new small cross stitch review. Unpacking and review.

Today I will show you my new cross stitch kit that I bought for myself. I haven’t stitched anything for a long time, because there was a lot of work. But now, finally, there is time.

I thought for a long time what to choose, and decided to buy such a story on the vacation topic. I haven’t been on vacation for a long time, so I will stitch these pictures and dream about the sea.

Let’s open and see what is included in the kit. There is a cross stitch chart of four pictures, instructions. I don’t need it. Two pieces of plastic canvas. It needs to be cut in half to make four parts. A magnet that also needs to be cut. Then 19 colors of floss threads laid out on the organizer.

A needle. For this, many thanks to this manufacturer, as I often lose needles. And it’s always nice to stitch with a new one. Here are 19 beautiful bright colors. Art therapy for me. And two pieces of fabric for the decor of the back side, which also needs to be cut in half. Here is such a cool kit I bought for myself, I will stitch it. I don’t know, though, when, but I’ll try to find time. Maybe in the morning before work. I will show you, I hope it won’t drag on for years.

Watch this video on my YouTube channel to see more details.

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