“Honey bee” – cross stitch kit on Etsy. Review.

Today I want to share with you a cross stitch kit review I have found on Etsy. The kit has a simple plot, like many others, but it gave me a cool idea. I will share it with you below. In the meantime, let’s take a look at this kit.

“Honey Bee” cross stitch kit

by WistfulBird shop

The plot looks like a honeycomb with a bee. The cross stitch pattern is simple and small, so it is quite suitable for beginners. Only full stitch is used here.

This cross stitch kit contains:

  • Full-colour pattern.
  • Pre-cut DMC embroidery floss.
  • 4 inch embroidery hoop.
  • 6 inch square of 14 count Aida cloth.
  • Two tapestry needles (in case one gets lost or broken).

Please note that you will even get an embroidery hoop with this kit. It can be used both for the design of the finished object, and for future projects. So everything you need to complete this project is included in the kit!

And there are some positive reviews and photos of the finished objects here.

And now I will tell you about my idea, how and where you can use this embroidery. Since the plot has a round shape, you can make a lid for a honey jar with such embroidery. Moreover, you don’t need to cut out the drawing. Just cover the lid and tie it with a tourniquet. You will get an interesting creative jar of honey quickly and simply.

What do you think about the kit? Want to stitch it?


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