“Tiger” Cross Stitch 3D Toy. Gift Idea

“Tiger” cross stitch 3D toy

Do you think that cross-stitch is just flat pictures? No! Today I will show you an example that you can make a real 3D toy with a help of cross stitching. Such a cute tiger, for example.

Yes, this tiger is stitched on all sides. Even the paws.

How to make such toy?

I think that you have already guessed for yourself. First, you need to stitch the individual parts, and then sew them together, stuffing the toy with a filler. Do you will get this cute toy.

Where to get this pattern?

Unfortunately, this pattern isn’t available in free version. But I have good news! You can buy such cross stitch kit by PANNA brand with pattern and materials. It should be available on Etsy soon as the kit is new and only appears on the market.

What do you think about this idea? Would you stitch such toy?

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