Free cross stitch pattern with red current designed by Zhanna Dik.

“Red current” – free cross stitch pattern

Free cross stitch pattern with red current designed by Zhanna Dik.

Cross-stitching is a form of embroidery that involves stitching a pattern of crosses in a grid-like pattern onto a fabric. Here are the basic steps to start cross-stitch:

  • Choose a fabric and a pattern. You can use any fabric that is suitable for embroidery, such as linen, cotton, or a heavyweight fabric like linen. Start by choosing a simple pattern that you can follow easily.
  • Pre-prepare your fabric. Before you start stitching, you need to prepare your fabric. Make sure it is clean and dry, and that any markings on the fabric are visible. If necessary, iron the fabric to remove creases and wrinkles.
  • Choose your stitching materials. You’ll need to choose threads that are suitable.

They are also great for gifts for friends and family.

Remember to take your time and follow the pattern carefully when stitching. Cross-stitch is a fun and rewarding hobby that can be challenging at first, but with practice and patience, you’ll soon be creating beautiful pieces of art with your own hands.

You can download this free pattern in PDF format here.

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