Super Easy Beaded Hearts - Free Tutorial for Beginners Love

“Super easy hearts” – free beading pattern

Free beading pattern how to create super easy beaded hearts for beginners.

You will need seed beads of different colours only. Strat to bead cross stitch pattern.

Form a heart by turning in different directions.

Stitch one more heart and connect these two parts.

Use these items to create any jewellery or decoration.

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One thought on ““Super easy hearts” – free beading pattern

  1. Hi – It’s years since I’ve done any beading but love the look of your heart design. I’m having trouble starting and would appreciate some help to get me started. Can you please confirm how I do: ‘Start to bead cross stitch pattern.’

    I really hope you can help me as my searches just take me to applying beads to cross stitch. I’m obviously doing something wrong 🙁

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