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“Beaded earrings” – free easy beading tutorial

Free beading tutorial how to create beautiful earrings. They are easy and small so they are suitable for beginners.

This tutorial is dedicated to beading a specific pattern, but the principle of braiding beads is widely known.

You will need:

  • Beadwork needle No. 12
  • Beige beaded threads
  • Beads 16 mm
  • Czech beads No. 10 matte translucent beige
  • Czech beads No. 10 matte translucent brown
  • Czech beads No. 10 matte translucent golden
  • Czech beads No. 8 brown
  • Pins
  • Huggers for beads
  • Ear wires
  • Round pliers, wire cutters, scissors

Let’s start!

We braid unpainted wooden beads with a diameter of 16 mm. They are light and perfectly match in color. We collect 10 brown beads. Through one we sew two brown beads.

We sew a mosaic on one brown bead. Now a row of golden ones. Over the places where we sewed two brown beads, we now sew two golden ones. Between these extensions we sew one brown one.

Please note that the expanding “twos” must be placed strictly on top of each other!

Now we will weave only a mosaic without extensions. A row of golden beads.
We weave the petals. We sew brown beads over brown beads, and golden ones over golden ones.

We begin to narrow the petals. We sew one brown bead before and after the brown beads of the previous row. In between – golden. Narrow it further and sew in the background beige.
Close the petals and expand the background.

We sew one brown bead above the “borders” of the petals and beige ones above the petals. We sew brown and beige, follow the pattern from the photo.

We sew 1 golden one between the brown ones of the previous row and beige ones in the intervals. Now we are weaving a “cap” with which we will close the bead. Repeat steps 2-12 with beige beads and tightly sew the resulting element with the main braid. When the beads are braided, we collect the earrings.

Here the earrings are ready!

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