4 ways how to fix a thread in cross stitch

Fixing the thread is a mandatory step at the beginning and the end of the embroidery with a single thread. It allows you to place the thread in the work firmly and avoid loosening afterwards, but using the right method will create a beautiful wrong side.

5 convenient tips how to choose floss colors

Floss selection – the process of self-selection of floss for work. At the same time, it is important to take into account not only the number of threads and skeins that you need to purchase, but also the harmonious combination of the colors you choose.

5 important rules how to iron your embroidery.

Ironing the embroidery is an important part of giving the embroidery a finished look after finishing the work. Not all embroiderers perform this step, but it not only helps to align the jammed areas of the canvas, but also to align the embroidered crosses, remove distortions.